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The Site

Many of the roadways within the showground are either tarmac or tightly compressed hard core and so getting around, even with a small wheeled mobility scooter, is reasonably easy. For manual wheelchairs the only area that needs a strong push back is from the Dog and Dog Agility areas.

We are working hard to improve our signage for the benefit of everyone and especially those with accessibility needs.

Accessible parking

Forward parking (near the pay desks) is provided in both car parks, for those with blue badges, subject to available space.

This parking is on grass and there is a grassed area to traverse to enter the Showground.

It is ESSENTIAL that the blue badges are clearly displayed up on the windscreen. If they are flat on the dashboard they will not be seen and you will be directed into the wrong traffic stream. It is advisable to come reasonably early as the area could fill up.

Reservations for accessible parking are not accepted.

In addition to accessible parking we offer ringside parking at a cost of £20 per vehicle.
Reservations are not accepted. This operates on a first come, first served basis. We are unable to estimate the latest time of availability as it depends on a number of factors.

The ringside area admission does not guarantee a direct view of a ring as some spaces are against the rear hedge.

Accessible Toilet Facilities

We have two dedicated accessible toilets – one in the central toilet block and the other in the Portakabin unit near the fairground. There are some stand alone accessible units (hired in) as well.

RevoLOOtion (previously Mobiloo) will be at Stithians Show
In our endeavours to make the Show as accessible as possible we have again hired a RevoLootion (formerly Mobiloo) for the use of those that require a Changing Places facility (see the note below*).

*Please note the following: The RevoLOOtion will be on site - the mobile toilet with hoist and changing table. Please bring your own sling if you wish to use the hoist - www.revolootion.org.uk

Mobility Scooters

We do not have any arrangements for the hiring of mobility scooters within the Showground although you may be able to hire a mobility scooter to bring with you on the day. Whilst we may be able to make suggestions as to providers, this is a private arrangement between the hirer and the customer.

Use of mobility scooters within the Showground.
The Showground is a very busy place with thousands of people moving in varying directions. For anyone with a mobility scooter it is essential that they pay due care and attention whilst maneuvering within the Showground and they must be particularly aware of pedestrians. The speed limit for mobility scooters within the Showground is 4 miles per hour but this is a limit not a target!

Please make sure your batteries are fully charged before setting out for the Show!You are advised to check that your home insurance has been extended to cover the use of a mobility scooter (applies to those bringing their own mobility scooter onto the Showground as well as hired).


The Trustees have been looking at the support they are able to give to various parts of our visiting community, be it the less physically or mentally able, the elderly or unemployed, etc.

Running the Show involves a massive cost and it has been decided that it is in the best interests of everyone to keep the admission prices as low as possible across the board rather than favouring particular sectors. For this reason there will be no concessions for admission other than children.

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