We support local charities and non-profits whilst trying to avoid a collecting tin or raffle every other step of the way.


We are proud to bring you Stithians Show 2024

With 00 days to go, we can't wait to welcome you!

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Fundraise for Free!

Each year we select 3 village organisations to enjoy a free fund raising Trade Stand, 1 local charity/organisation to have a free information stand and 2 local charities/organisations to have a free fundraising trade stand.

The selection is made at the Association's AGM when all members present vote for the organisations to enjoy these benefits.

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2024 Selection

Village Organisations

1. Stithians Branch of Royal British Legion

2. Stithians Public Access Defibrillator Support Group

3. Girl Guiding Cornwall

Outside Organisations

1. The Cinnamon Trust

2. Kernow Kidney Patients Association

Information Only

1. Band of Brothers