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Our Goat Section is popular with exhibitors and visitors alike creating an interesting display of these delightful animals who are full of character. Our classes are all held under the rules and regulations of the British Goat Society and the Pygmy Goat Club and we pride ourselves on the display of Dairy and Pygmy varieties.

To our visitors, do come along and meet the goats, large and small. There will be young dairy kids who will require to be bottle fed several times during the day so you might be lucky enough to help the exhibitors feed them! They are always pleased of the help and like nothing more than to chat about their animals.

The only time the Goat Section is closed to visitors is during the milking competition although you can still stand by the hurdles and watch the proceedings. The reason the section is closed is to ensure that no-one spills the milk from the buckets or frightens the goats whilst they are being milked!

If you have a question that isn’t answered in either the schedule or online entry information (where appropriate) please email the section secretary, Julia Clarke, goats@stithians.show or call on 01726 823800 & 07773 886992.