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Horticulture is one of the longest established sections of the Show and one of its premier attractions for visitors.

There are more than 300 different classes, ranging from wonderful home and allotment grown vegetables and beautiful flowers to spectacular floral arrangements.

In the vegetable section there are classes for all abilities ranging from experienced growers and exhibitors, through those of intermediate ability, to novice and first-time exhibitors. They are open to everyone and are mirrored by some classes being confined to present and past residents of Stithians Parish.

The flower section has classes for all flowers in season around Show time. The Sweet Pea competition is prestigious, being home to the South West Championship. Set against a black backdrop the sight and smell is really something to behold.

Floral Art classes are extremely popular with both exhibitors and the visiting public. There are classes for large, through standard size, to petite and miniature exhibits. The competition is run in accordance with NAFAS regulations.

The next generation is always encouraged at Stithians, so we are delighted to have classes for children from 3 to 16 years of age, with exhibits such as gardens in seed trays and creatures created from fruit and vegetables.

There are more than 50 wonderful cups and trophies keenly contested, many with a long and fine history, and prize money is also available for first, second, and third in each class.

Exhibitors start benching exhibits from 2pm on the Sunday before Show Day with a staggered finish, until 8.45am on Show Day morning. The Section aims to complete judging and open the marquee to visitors by 11.15. The presentation of cups and trophies commences at 5pm in the Horticulture marquee.

If you have a question that isn’t answered in either the schedule or online entry information (where appropriate) please email the section secretary, Sarah Reed, horticulture@stithians.show or call on 07793 495024.